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  • August 2022 - Prepare for New Roofing on ALL units!

    New roofing is coming to all units at Hartwell Villas!

    The HOA Board, largely due to the continued and dedicated efforts of our President, Robert Isom, has negotiated the installation of new roofing for all units at Hartwell Villas!

    As installation of the new shingles draws near, the roofing company that will be doing the work, Chattahoochee Roofing, has requested that we all take note and prepare accordingly.

    To help prepare and then make the work as efficient and as trouble free as possible, please consider taking the following steps:


    • Homeowners might want to move their cars during their building installation. We will need clear access for materials and dumpsters.
    • Please note that some debris might fall in your attic while we are replacing your roof. We recommend covering any valuables or storage items with a tarp to prevent debris or dust on stored items.
    • Please remove or move items (planters, patio furniture, flags, etc) 10-15ft back from around the house.
    • Roofing installation can cause vibrations that travel through your house. Remove hanging items from your walls "Decorative Plates " that might cause concern.



    • Please keep children and pets inside while the work on your new roof is underway.
    • We do our best to schedule the roof around the weather. But if questionable weather arises, our crews are instructed not to tear off more shingles than they can replace or dry in with felt in one day.
    • Please call your satellite provider if your dish is attached to the roof. Our team will remove the dish and put it back where it was, but we do not have specialized equipment to fully calibrate the signal.
    • We pride ourselves in picking up all roof-related debris and nails. Please be advised that a few nails might be hidden in the grass or shrubbery.


    Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks and we look forward in working with the community at Hartwell Villas!

    David Plevak - 404-661-4709 / Ryan Johnson - 770-856-2273


  • July 2022 - Short Term Rental Application Fee and Process Change

    To all unit owners that offer their units as short-term rentals, the following changes will take effect 15 August 2022.

    The information below is also published on the HOA Website and can be found using the link, https://chmg.cincwebaxis.com/hartwell/home/


    On 16 July 2022, the Hartwell Villas HOA board agreed to reinstate the the previously suspended rental application fee in addition to several other measures intended to bring consistency to the process and to protect the community from unnecessary risk and exposure to litigation.

    Therefore, on AUGUST 15, 2022 the following guidelines will be in effect:

    1. A $20/application fee will be reinstated for all applications not already on file by the 15th of August with the HOA Board. 
    2. As is stated in the short term rental application, certification by the owner includes [but is not limited to] owner certification that "...insurance coverage which includes Owner's rental to others is in place and covers the rental period."

    3. Forms other than the "Official Rental Agreement" will be rejected.

    4. All forms are to be sent to Kathryn Gunn, KGunn22000@bellsouth.net 

    The agreement below is the ONLY form that will be accepted!

    • All forms must be signed by both the applicant and the owner at least 3 days prior to the rental start date.
    • Failure to provide accurate and complete information may result in warnings and subsequent fines for repeat violations.

    Official Rental Agreement

    Thank you, 

    Hartwell Villas HOA Board of Directors

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